pro|T|co graphic
pro|T|co graphic

Demoulding process without formoils for high quality graphic concretes

pro|T|co graphic is a customizable matrix for the realization of embossed decorative concretes without the use of release agent.
Thanks to our innovative digital process, the realization of concretes with the motives of your choice becomes possible, with several options of textures on the same concrete (matt and shiny effect on the same pattern).

pro|T|co graphic allows to make stamped concretes with an unequaled restitution.

• We are able to manufacture matrix up to 400 microns thick (as standard).
• Realization of motifs of your choice (texts, photographs ...).
• No dimension limit.
• The matrix are provided cut-to-size, numbered and ready to install.
• Matrix are made from a vector file provided by the customer.
• Single use (after the first use: risk of varnish detachment).

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