Who we are?

PRO-T-CO was born in 2014 from the merger of industrial players from the world of construction and plastery, with the goal/aim of developing a new demoulding system/process without formoils/agents.


Our company was established in 2014 by Jérémy Guichard and Michaël Ploton, and designed an innovating demoulding process, PRO-T-CO FOIL, that suppresses the use of formoils/agents, while facilitating the implementation of high-quality concrete surfaces. Together with our R&D partners we developed a self-adhesive co-extruded polymer foil which is fitted directly on all type of formwork's (steel,wooden, bakelised, manuportable…), for high quality demoulding results.

2017 saw a continued evolution of our solution and  we expended it to the architectural concrete market by offering a range of products to enable the easy achievement of graphic finishes of concrete (PRO-T-CO GRAPHIC) and moulded finished concretes (PRO-T-CO FORM).


The PRO-T-CO process is designed for implementation of all types of concrete surfaces, horizontal, vertical, bended or circular, for high quality concrete results. We offer tailored solutions to the  specific needs of constructors and architects for standard and more technical demouldings.

Our solution is geared toward the global construction market, formwork manufacturers, prefabrication, architects…

Our product range is available in three versions:
pro-T-co Foil => Demoulding solution without oils/agents for mate, shiny and coteline finish of concrete surfaces 
pro-T-co Form => Thermoformed sheet for the achieving of architectural moulded concrete surfaces
pro-T-co Graphic => Graphic foil for finely-patterned concrete (signatures,pictures,print…)

For our process we also developed a range of highly efficient biodegradable cleaning solutions. application is now expanding to the cleaning of all type of construction materials.
Pro Cleaner 3D => Biodegradable and Concentrated Remover for Concrete-, Oil- and Rust- residues
Pro Cleaner Glue => Biodegradable Remover for Glues-, Paints and Varnishes